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Stove & Water Heater Holiday Blues

Why do things only happen on holidays? 

Can only speculate on this, but let me tell you a couple of quick stories about this Thanksgiving weekend and you can draw your own conclusions.

Call 1.  Client has several guests to her beautiful Muskoka cottage for Thanksgiving.  All set to prepare the meal (two turkeys with everything else to go along with them) and the gas oven won’t light.  It’s a commercial duty residential unit that can only be serviced by factory authorized technicians, none local to her in Muskoka and certainly none available Thanksgiving Day.  Turns out that the unit had been acting up over the summer intermittently, but since it always “seemed to sort itself out” the problem was ignored.  Barbequed turkey for Thanksgiving instead of roast.

Call 2.  Client has no hot water Thanksgiving Sunday.  Not sure if the tank is gas fired or electric, only knows that there is no hot water.  In the course of the conversation found out that the water had become progressively cooler the past couple of days, was lukewarm on Saturday and stone cold on Sunday.  Why on earth would anyone wait to call for service until a day that there was absolutely no chance of getting parts for the equipment?  The tank was gas fired so the only thing that I, as an electrician, was allowed to do was shut the power off to the unit, hope the electronics reset and the tank would fire.  And it did.  The client had owned the house for three years and had never had any of the mechanical equipment serviced.  And because the tank fired when I reset the electronic control the client assumed “well, that’s fixed”.  Took some convincing that the problem was likely a dirty flame sensor and it was not fixed and would come back, likely as soon as I left the house.  I made it very clear that a preventative maintenance program needed to be in place for all that equipment.

Anyway, I guess all’s well that ends well…until the next holiday.



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