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Things to Know Before Buying an Autostart Generator

Backup Autostart Generator for Your Home Backup Autostart Generator for Your Home

If you are making plans to get a backup generator to avoid the headaches associated with having your home without power for an extended period of time in freezing temperatures, then you should consider these three critical components of owning an autostart backup generator:

The first component is to make sure that the unit is correctly sized with the right number of kilowatts for the home so that it can provide the right amount of electricity.
You have two options where this is concerned: you can purchase a generator that is capable of running the entire home at any given time or you can purchase a generator with load shedding capabilities.
Although it is difficult to define without knowing what the home’s requirement is, a 17 kilowatt generator would be the bare minimum for a home with sparse electrical needs. It would definitely be too small for a home that had electric heat.
A load shedding generator shifts the flow of power from one piece of equipment to another as called for,  and allows you to choose a smaller generator.

The second component is proper installation. Let’s be serious here. If you are having a generator installed on your property you are essentially adding your own personal power plant to your home. You want your electrician to install it with meticulous care and expertise.
As factory certified Generac service technicians our electricians have the opportunity to troubleshoot generator problems on units besides those that we install. Often times they find that the pad that the generator is installed on is inadequate for the weight of the machine causing frost heaves.
Providing the fuel supply properly is also critical. There should be a minimum of joins and turns  and the piping must be painted to prevent oxidation.

Preventative maintenance of a whole home generator is key to backup power Preventative maintenance of a whole home generator is key to backup power

The third critical component of owning a backup generator is to make sure it has a continuing preventative maintenance program. Just like your car, your engine, starter & cooling system must be checked and maintained for optimum performance. I once had a respected mechanic tell me that the most critical thing you can do for car is to get the oil changed regularly. That is the number one key element to getting the most mileage out of a vehicle and your generator.

by Cheri Carman


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