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Basement flooding —Water, water, everywhere…

There were three water related calls yesterday.  The first was moving an electrical service so a basement water proofing companycould install their “no-dig” system to repair a foundation that was severely damaged by years of hydro-static pressure that had finally cracked the walls and let water run into the insulation.  Lucky the homeowner caught it before the house filled with mold.

The second was a roof drain that had plugged and allowed water to build up on a flat roof until it leaked through into the ceiling space and ruined a thousand dollars worth of ceiling tiles and soaked the carpet.

The third was the seal on the top of a meter base had deteriorated (probably over 30 years) and the driving rains this weekend forced their way past the compromised seal, found their way past the meter and into the conduit that feeds the breaker panel in the house.  The conduit acted just like a drain pipe and soon water was leaking out of the breaker panel.  To compound the problem the point of entry of the conduit to the basement had been sealed up with a compound that had also deteriorated, so water ran down the outside of the pipe and into the basement.

My point?  A predictive,  preventative home maintenance program would have caught these issues before they became $2000, $5000 and $30,000 issues.

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