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Is a Back Up Sump Pump an Essential Part of Your Home’s Mechanical Equipment?

Back Up Sump Pump

Having a battery backup sump pump makes good sense

We back up our computer data. We have a back-up plan for our summer vacations. We make back up plans for outdoor parties, weddings, and events. The kids even have back up plans for Friday night dates; and so it stands to reason that we need back-up plans to protect our home. A battery operated back-up sump pump is one of the most important one to put in place.

Battery back-up sump pumps provide you with an auxiliary sump system in event of a power failure or a failed electric sump pump to prevent a flood in your home.

What Causes Your Sump Pump To Fail?

You can have a failed sump pump for three reasons:

  1. The sump pump itself fails. They do wear out over time and will end up failing eventually. When your basement relies heavily on a sump pump it is advisable to put the pump on a replacement schedule rather than waiting for it to fail.
  2. Odds are good that you will need your sump pump during a storm and those same odds also increase the chance of experiencing a power interruption from the electrical grid and losing your power to your whole home.
  3. The sump pump was not installed on its own circuit and is running on the same line as other equipment that could cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow. If you are unaware that the breaker had tripped, or the fuse had blown, you also would not know that you had no sump pump protection. A professional electrician will recommend that your sump pump be installed on a circuit strictly dedicated to the job of providing power to the sump pump only.

 How a Backup Sump Pump Works

Back up sump pumps are installed in such a way that the float that activates it, causing it to come on,  is positioned higher up the sump hole than the main electric pump. When the electric pump fails and water continues to climb, the back-up pump, powered by a 12 volt DC battery, kicks on and does the job in place of the electric pump. A good back-up system will have an audible alarm so you know you are running on the back-up system.

The average run time you can expect from the battery is 4 hours of constant pumping. After the power is restored to your home, the battery re-charges in preparation for its next call to action.

If you have a sump pump that runs regularly, a battery backup sump pump is an essential piece of equipment for a well-maintained home. It can save you much heartache in lost basement treasures due to a basement flood.


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