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Increased Carbon Monoxide Risk During GTA Power Outage

During the recent outage in the GTA and southern Ontario, the news was heavy with tragic stories of carbon monoxide poisonings as people tried to keep their homes warm.
Our electricians received a call from one of our customers: She had been without power for more than 24 hours and was maintaining her home above freezing with the use of her two fireplaces.

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Her concern was about her smoke and CO detectors: The little green light she usually sees was not on.  She had been burning wood non stop in the fireplace for about 24 hrs and was thinking that if there was a CO issue or fire would the alarm sound.
Her electrician was able to confirm that her smoke and CO detectors that she had installed definitely had battery backup. The green light indicates that there is utility company power flowing to the device, so when he power went out, the light went out. The battery would be in charge of providing the power for the alarm should increased smoke or carbon monoxide CO become a hazard in her home.
The combination smoke and CO detector that she has is designed to not waste the battery power on an indicator light. It chirps when the battery is low, when the detector is past its useable life, and sounds the alarm if it detects smoke or increased levels of Carbon monoxide.
Properly placed, and maintained smoke and CO detectors are a critical component of every home.
by Cheri Carman


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