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College Gone Wild!

As is well known and oft cited, Ontario faces a looming worker shortage in the skilled trades.  Here is my opinion why:  too often high school students are told by teachers, guidance councillors and even parents something like this “Aaron/Ashley you’re too stupid to go on to college or university – might as well be a plumber”  Little do these misinformed characters realize that they have given the best advice possible to Aaron/Ashley albeit in a negative manner.

Most plumbers enjoy their profession more than most teachers, guidance councillors and parents.  Plumbers that are also business people do extremely well, and are well known for supporting great causes in their community.  Same for all the other trades.  Now we trades have a Champion. 

INTRODUCING:  Ontario College of Trades

 The Ontario College of Trades is the professional college for Ontario’s 500,000 skilled tradespeople. When operational, it will be the first College of Trades in North America and the largest professional college in Ontario. It will put Ontario’s skilled tradespeople on an equal footing with doctors, nurses and teachers by giving them a professional college of their own. It will give Ontario’s skilled tradespeople a voice in important public policy debates and empower them to shape the future paths of their industries.

Perhaps equally important, the  Ontario College of Trades will also benefit consumers. Part of its mandate is an investigatory and disciplinary function for complaints. As such, it will serve as a means for consumers to hold unscrupulous contractors to account for shoddy craftsmanship, whereas they might currently be prevented from doing so through more costly and cumbersome legal alternatives.

Enjoy reading the complete article I took the above information from at–ontario-college-of-trades-a-win-for-skilled-tradespeople-and-consumers 

In 1928 Ontario led the way as the first Canadian province to introduce a statutory-based apprentice system. In the same vein, Ontario is now leading the way with North America’s first College of Trades.  Someone is showing some leadership.

The College is a good thing.

Enjoy this great day (and bless the much needed rain!)

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