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The Shock Doctors GUARANTEED-FOR-LIFE electrical panels are unparalleled in our industry. Should anything ever fail, deteriorate, rust or malfunction on your Shock Doctor electrical panel, including the breakers, it will be repaired or replaced at ZERO expense to you.

Your electrical panel is the single, most important piece of electrical safety equipment in your home. In fact, it is the heart of your home’s entire electrical system.

There are a number of reasons why your electric panel may need to be replaced. The most often is outdated technology (fuses), worn out or damaged breakers or panel box, and not enough circuits for current needs (renovations and additions).
Homes with fuse panels are becoming scarce as people upgrade to the much safer breaker system. If you still have a fuse panel, not only is it outdated and unsafe, but it is usually undersized for a home’s needs and often be uninsurable.Old panel with fuses

Whatever your reason for replacing your electrical panel, The Shock Doctors are here to help. Here are the key features to consider when replacing your electrical panel:

Quality of workmanship is THE most important aspect of an electric panel installation. Tight, well-made connections save on hydro and maximize the life of the equipment. The Shock Doctors’ expertise and meticulous installations are second to none.

Quality of the electrical panel. You want your electrical system to last trouble-free for many years. We do NOT choose panels that are designed for fastest/easiest installation or from the cheapest manufacturers. We choose from the highest quality panel manufacturers to suit your needs.

Premium panel surge protection installation is standard equipment on all our electrical panel replacements. This protects your entire wiring system from incoming surges.

Minimal disruption to your household. Our panel changes are scheduled to minimize the disruption of your power, The Shock Doctors are equipped with portable power with electronics-compatible inverter technology to supply backup power & protect your essential equipment during the panel change. As well, we are members in good standing with the Authorized Contractor Program which allows us to work with the ESA and your local utility company to minimize the length of time you are without power.

When you choose a Shock Doctors electrical panel, you will be abundantly satisfied that your electrical panel has been installed by a skilled professional.

Six reasons FUSE PANELS need to be replaced

When do you need to replace your BREAKER PANEL?

When does replacing your electrical panel become an EMERGENCY?

Home Electrical Panel ReplacementThis work—completed by Scott and Chadwick —clearly reflects that this home’s electrical system is professionally maintained.

Surge protection has been added to protect all electrical and electronic equipment in the home and all the breakers properly labelled for safety, code compliance and convenience.


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