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Breaker Panel Replacements


Some Breaker Panels are known Fire Hazards

Surprisingly, there are quite a number of American breaker panels found in Ontario homes. These panels are made by Federal Pacific Electric and look like a Federal Pioneer panel (a popular Canadian brand) but were NOT approved for use in Canada. They are known fire hazards and the subject of numerous class action lawsuits in the US.

Breaker Keeps Tripping

When a breaker is working properly, it trips when it is protecting you from overloading a circuit with too much equipment or it trips when it detects a fault in your equipment and interrupts the power to it to protect you from getting a shock.

You can expect to get many years of protection from your breakers, but occasionally a breaker will wear out and begin to trip for none of the proper reasons. The plastic casing becomes brittle and switch mechanisms loosen. Loose points equal hot spots, fire danger and hydro/money wasted.

Some older Breaker Panels have no main Shut-off switch

In an emergency you should be able to cut the power to the entire home with a single switch. If your breaker panel is a model made before the mid ’60′s it may be missing this important feature.


Rust is bad news! If there is visible rust on your panel there is a good chance water will have penetrated the breakers and compromised their operation as well. A thorough inspection of the panel, including a infra red temperature scan and a internal inspection of the connection points of the breakers is the only way to properly assess the overall health of a panel.

No Breakers left for Expansion of System

Household electric requirements increase year by year. Additions to the home, saunas, hot tubs, pools, and entertainment & gym equipment all add to the ever increasing demand for hydro. If you are planning a renovation or addition, you need to assess the capacity of your electrical panel as well.

If you are unsure of the health of your electrical panel Schedule a PROFESSIONAL PANEL CHECK UP, testing and report of the health of your electrical panel and incoming electrical system. It will tell you exactly what you need to know.

What to Expect

1. Thermal scanning under load

Breakers wear with time. Wear is accelerated by sloppy installation techniques and loose connections. Thermal scanning will identify hot spots identifying a panel fire threat before it is too late.

2. Voltage test

To make sure the power is being distributed properly.

3. Grounding and bonding inspection

Proper grounding of your home is the most important safety feature of your entire electrical system. Changes to the rules surrounding grounding and bonding have changed drastically over the years. Keeping up with these is one of the best ways to make sure your electrical system is safe.

4. Outside service inspection

Heat, freezing temperatures and water take their toll on the incoming service equipment. Water and electricity do not mix. Early identification of problems with the incoming equipment can avoid water leaking into your electrical panel causing rust and deterioration.

5. Written report

Fully explained and yours to keep.


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