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Emergency Electrical Panel Change

When does replacing your Electrical Panel become an Emergency?

  • Your panel box is making a crackling sound.
  • Your appliances or lights aren’t running on full power.
  • You are experiencing flickering lights – This is a sure sign that you need professional troubleshooting.
  • You notice a smell like burning plastic or metal around your electrical panel.

Immediate professional troubleshooting is essential

The Shock Doctors provides 24/7 service with no premium charges for emergencies, nights or weekends

Situations when replacing your electrical panel makes good sense:

  • Fuse panels are no longer considered safe and present a high risk of electrical fire in your home.
  • Your insurance company requires the electrical service be upgraded.
  • You want to increase the capacity of your electrical system for future use.
  • You want to increase the resale value of your home. Home inspectors and appraisers will always flag a fuse panel on their reports.
  • You are planning a major renovation or home addition and will be adding more circuits.
  • Your existing electrical service is only 60 Amps which is no longer acceptable to insurance companies, and inadequate for today’s electrical demands.
  • Your 100 Amp Electrical Service is no longer adequate for your needs – the addition of hot-tubs, heaters, electric fireplaces, saunas & workshops to your home will require more than a 100 Amp supply to meet electrical demands.
  • Your breaker panel is older than 25 years of age. Electrical panels and breakers wear out with age. They are a working piece of equipment subject to wear and tear. They are also affected by humidity (causing corrosion at connection points) and heating and cooling as the electricity passes through the breakers causes the hard plastic construction of the breaker to become brittle and deteriorate.
  • Your fuses are blowing regularly. There is too much demand on the electrical system or there is a fault on a circuit or in an appliance.
  • Your circuit breakers are tripping frequently – This is often too much demand on the system or there is a fault on a circuit or in an appliance. As well, the breaker(s) may have worn out.(see above).
  • Outlets are two prongs (non-grounded). These outlets are at least 50 years old! It is a sure sign that your electrical system has not been maintained.
  • When a ground fault interrupter (GFI) breaker is required. (new hot tub, new outdoor receptacle…).
  • You are using multiple extension cords- This is a dangerous method of coping with an inadequate electrical system.
  • To eliminate doubled-up circuits (more than one run of wires being protected by one fuse or breaker.
  • Need to add a Sub Panel.
  • You need to add Surge Protection– Panel surge protection can only be provided on a breaker panel


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