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Fuse Panel Replacements

Reasons Fuse Panels Need to be Replaced

Less Safe Design

One of the reasons insurance companies consider fuse panels too dangerous is because Replacing blown fuses is dangerous:

Fingers are within one inch of incoming high voltage power. This can be 60 amps of power, 100 amps,200 amps or even 400 amps in some homes. Coming into contact with this is lethal as it can take as little as 0.1 amp to cause a fatality. One careless move and all that power takes a detour through the unsuspecting homeowner.

Even if a fuse panel appears in good condition with no evidence of deterioration, breakers provide a superior degree of safety.

Oversized Fusing

Fuse Panel Replacements

These Fuses are too big for the panel

Identifying aluminum wiring
in your home

If a fuse blows, it must be replaced to restore power. All too frequently, they get replaced by one that is a higher amperage fuse than allowed. Fuses are rated by the maximum number of amps they should allow through to the wiring. If a circuit is designed to have only 15 amps flow through to it, and the fuse is a 20 or 30 amp fuse, the circuit can overheat and be a serious fire risk.

CIRCUITS WITH LIGHTS AND PLUGS – no bigger than 15 amp fuses
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS AND DRYERS – typically use 30 amp fuses
ELECTRIC STOVES – use 40 amp fuses

Open Spaces in a Fuse Panel can be a Life-threatening Hazard

Having empty spaces in your fuse panel is an extremely serious hazard. Open spots in the panel create a high risk of electrocution when changing fuses. There are proper fillers that should be installed by a professional in unused fuse spaces.

Rusted Electrical Panel

Rust is a terminal disease for any electrical panel.

Rust makes connections loose, HOT SPOTS develop (serious fire risk) and wastes electricity adding needless expense to your hydro bill.

Doubling up of Wires/Circuits under one Fuse

Fuse panels were the equipment of choice up until the late 1960′s. With 50+ years of potential additions and renovations, there is more than a good chance that additional wiring needs have been “squeezed in” to the existing panel. It is not safe, and is an ESA defect, to have two different wiring branches controlled by a single fuse.

Surge Protection cannot be added to a Fuse Panel

Home surge protection is made for use with breaker panels only. With the addition of thousands of dollars of electronically controlled equipment in our homes, it is more and more essential to protect our investments from incoming electrical surges. These can originate from lightning, but more frequently, it is due to a malfunction of the distribution system. All it takes is a car to hit a pole on your street to make the incoming wires collide sending a destructive power surge through your home’s wiring. Surge protection is essential equipment in a modern home.

If you are unsure of the health of your electrical panel Schedule a PROFESSIONAL PANEL CHECK UP, testing and report of the health of your electrical panel and incoming electrical system. It will tell you exactly what you need to know.

What to Expect

1. Thermal scanning under load

Your fuses or breakers wear with time and poor installation. Thermal scanning will identify a panel fire threat before it is too late.

2. Voltage test

Make sure the power is being distributed properly.

3. Grounding and bonding inspection

Proper grounding of your home is the most important safety feature of your entire electrical system. Changes to the rules surrounding grounding and bonding have changed drastically over the years. Keeping up with these is one of the best ways to make sure your electrical system is safe.

4. Outside service inspection

Heat, freezing temperatures and water take their toll on the incoming service equipment. Water and electricity do not mix. Early identification of problems with the incoming equipment can avoid water leaking into your electrical panel.

5. Written report

Fully explained and yours to keep.


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