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Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge protection is an essential component of a well-maintained home and is truly a case where “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

What are power surges?

They are unintentional voltage spikes that travel through your wiring damaging both the wires and equipment or appliances that are plugged in.

One of our clients unfortunately had his home struck by lightning. Thankfully, he had a Shock Doctor installed surge protector on his air conditioning unit that protected his whole home.

Where do power surges come from?

Outside your home:

    • Electrical storms : An electrical storm is certainly a very powerful and destructive source, but surges can also originate directly from your electrical utility supply company. The north east blackout of 2003 originated from a 3500 megawatt power surge.
    • Hydro company transformer failure on the hydro poles.
    • Hydro line collisions: When high voltage hydro lines touch in a storm; the collision sends a surge down the line in both directions toward your home and back down the line toward the transformer.

Inside your home:

Power surges regularly occur INSIDE your own home. These surges are much lower in voltage and work like termites, gradually eating away at all your electronic circuits.

They are caused by large equipment cycling on and off— like your air conditioner, washing machine, fridge, freezer & furnace.

On average, these surges occur five or more times each day (1,825 surges each year).

They are responsible for early failure of your expensive electronic devices, heating and cooling equipment, and appliances.

How does a power surge damage equipment?

If the spike exceeds an appliance’s normal operating voltage requirement, it generates heat. This heat damages the circuit boards and electrical components in the appliance and can be hot enough to burn. They are particularly devastating to sensitive electronic equipment; any product having boards or chips.


1. Professional verification of the grounding system of the home. THIS IS CRITICAL:

Panel protection and even plug-in surge bars are useless in an ungrounded home. Surge protection devices rely on your home’s grounding to work. NEVER assume you have surge protection unless the grounding system has been verified.

2. Protection from external surges:

Panel surge protection at your panel is your first line of defence for your WIRING, appliances and equipment. it protects you from external surges caused by storms and transformer trouble. It needs to have a rating of 150,000 AMP total surge protection, as response time of

3. Point-of-use Protection:

Surge bars and cubes are available with a wide range of prices and effectiveness. They protect the individual devices plugged into the surge bar.
A good one will have a rating of at least 100,000 Amps with a response time of indicator light to show it is functional. A surge bar cannot perform indefinitely. Each is designed to take a specific number of surges. After it protects from that number of surges, a surge bar is nothing more than an expensive extension cord. If your surge bar does NOT have an indicator light, you will unaware when you are no longer protected.

SPECIALITY SURGE OUTLETS (designed to protect specific equipment)

  • Electric Garage Door Opener
  • Sump and well Pumps
  • Alarmed Surge Receptacles for behind Fridges and Microwaves
  • Recessed surge Receptacles for tv’s & wall units

Aside from the obvious benefits of whole home surge protection, some insurance companies provide a discount for homes that have full panel surge protection.

Call The Shock Doctors to verify the integrity of your home’s grounding system and to install whole home surge protection unit on your panel to protect your home’s wiring.


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